This article helps you to get informed about the power consumption of Reolink PoE cameras.

Applies to: Reolink PoE cameras

The standard consumption for each camera is listed below:

Models Consumption (standard)

B400; D400; B800; D800; RLC-420; RLC-520

<8 W
RLC-410; RLC-422; RLC-511; RLC-522 <10 W
RLC-510A; RLC-520A; RLC-540A, RLC-810A; RLC-811A; RLC-820A; RLC-822A; RLC-833A; RLC-840A; RLC-842A; RLC-843A; RLC-1210A; RLC-1212A; RLC-1220A; RLC-1224A; RLC-1240A; RLC-81MA; V500; V800; V1200; CX410; CX810; Reolink Duo PoE; Duo 2 PoE; Reolink E1 Outdoor PoE; Reolink TrackMix PoE, Reolink Doorbell PoE <12 W
Duo 3 PoE <15W
RLC-423 <20 W
RLC-823 series; Duo Floodlight PoE <24 W
Note: The consumption is affected by the status of infrared lights, spotlights, master chips, and sensors, etc.
If your camera model is not listed above, you can contact Reolink Support Team for confirmation.