To the safety and endurance of Reolink wired-powered cameras, please use a proper power adapter to power the camera. 

Applies to: All Reolink cameras and NVRs

To know about the output voltage of the Reolink DC power adapter, please refer to the table below:



DC 52V/2.3A (previous: 48V/1.875A)

RLN16-410 DC 53V/3.77A (previous: 52V/2.88A)
RLN36 DC 12V 5.4A
RLN12W DC 12V 2A
    Cameras Battery-powered cameras DC 5V 2A
E1 Series and Lumus DC 5V 1A/2A
E1 Outdoor series  DC 12V 1A
C Series DC 5V 2A

PoE cameras and WiFi cameras (except C series, E1 series, Lumus, RLC-423series, RLC-823 series, Duo series and TrackMix series)

DC 12V 1A/2A

RLC-423 series, RLC-823 series, Duo series and TrackMix series

DC 12V 2A

Note: To know about the types of Reolink power adapters, visit What Types of Power Adapters Do Reolink Provide.