This article shows you how to log out of your camera/NVR on Reolink App. Please upgrade the Reolink App to the latest version.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras and NVRs.

Method 1. Log out of the device

Step 1. Tap the Device Settings icon of your device first, then scroll down and tap Log Out of Device.

1._tap_device_settings.jpg  2._tap_log_out_of_device.jpg

Step 2. Tap Log Out, then the device will be logged out. You need to connect it again with a username and password.

3._tap_log_out.jpg    4._camera_logged_out.jpg

Method 2. Delete the device from your App

Delete the device on Reolink APP is another way to log out of your device. Please note that if you delete it, it may not be displayed on the Device List page anymore. You need to add it again.

Note: Reolink battery-powered cameras will log out from Reolink APP automatically if no recording is triggered for a while.