With IR lights on, the camera could record black-and-white videos when the environment around the camera turns dark. This article will guide you on setting up the IR lights for your camera via a web browser.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras except battery-powered cameras, cameras in NVR kit, Reolink E1, Reolink E1 Pro, Lumus, RLC-812A, and RLC-824A, CX410, CX410W, CX810, E1 Outdoor CX

Step 1. Input the IP Address of your camera on a web browser and log in to your camera.

See how to find the IP address of your camera.


Note: Make sure your PC is connected to the same router as your camera.

Step 2. Click the Device Settings gear icon on the top right corner.


Step 3. Go to Camera > Light > Infrared Lights. You may select a mode for the infrared lights of your camera.

Auto: IR lights will automatically turn on in dim lights and turn off when there is sufficient lighting.

Stay Off: The IR lights will always stay off. The night vision of the camera may not perform well.