There are 5 types of alarms that you can get when the camera detects a motion: Push notification, Email alert, spotlight, record, and Audio alarm. Check below for detailed information.

Applies to: All Reolink products.

1. Push notification

A message notification will be sent to your phone, telling you that a motion event was detected: How to Enable Push Notifications on iOS and Android Phones

2. Email alert

When a motion was detected, the camera will send an email (with a message/ picture/ video depending on your settings) to your email box: How to Set up E-mail for Reolink Products

3. Audio Alarm

The camera(or NVR) will make an audio alarm(siren) when the camera detects motion: How to Set up Siren for Your Camera/

How to Set up Motion Buzzer for PoE NVR

Note: The audio alarm can only apply to the cameras that with a built-in speaker, a camera with no built-in speaker cannot support the audio alarm.

4. Record

The camera will record the motion events to the SD card or NVR when there is motion detected: How to Set up Record Schedule for Reolink Cameras

5. Spotlight

The camera will turn on the spotlight at night when it detects motions: How to Configure Spotlight Settings for Your Camera
Note: Only the cameras with the spotlight can support this function.