If you want the camera to record continuously to the SD card instead of recording when an alarm event triggers the camera, you need to enable camera recording and set up a timer recording schedule for your camera.

Applies to: Reolink cameras except for battery-powered cameras and the camera with Hw_3816.

Below are steps to set up continuous recording both via Reolink App and Reolink Client. Before setting up, make sure you have inserted a micro SD card into your camera

On Reolink App:

Step 1. Enable Camera Recording

Launch Reolink App and log in to your camera. Go to the Device Settings > Camera Recording page. Tap on the Camera Recording button (make it blue) to enable camera recording.

1._device_settings_page.jpg    2._enable_camera_recording.jpg

Step 2. Set up a Timer Schedule.

  • Tap Schedule on the Camera Recording page. Then select Timer on the schedule page.
  • Tap on the day when you want to camera to record continuously (for example, Sunday in the picture below). Select the grid (one stands for one hour) and tick Enable/Disable. It will decide whether the camera will record at that hour(s).
  • Tap any other day in the Copy To part to apply the timer schedule. The day button with a blue frame means the timer schedule has been copied to that day successfully.

3._schedule-timer.jpg    4._set_a_timer_schedule.jpg

Done! Go back to the Schedule page and tap Save to save the timer recording schedule.


On Reolink Client:

Step 1. Turn on the camera recording option.

Launch Reolink Client and log in to your camera. Go to Device Settings > Surveillance > Record page. Turn on the Schedule button to enable camera recording.


Step 2. Select Timer under the Schedule. 

  • Click Enable/Disable icon and then click on the grid (each one stands for an hour) to enable/disable non-stop recording on that hour. The blue grid means the continuous recording is enabled on that hour, while grey means disabled.
  • You can also click Enable All/Disable All on the right side.
  • Click Save if you have finished the timer schedule setting.