Animal detection is an upgraded feature based on pet detection. Unlike pet detection which can only support cat and dog, animal detection can better detect a larger amount of animals. Keep on reading to know more about this features.

Applies to: 510A/520A (hardware IPC_MS1NA45MP), 540A, 810A/820A (hardware IPC_560), 830A, 840A, 843A, 81PA, 81MA, RLC-823 Series (RLC-823A, RLC-823A 16X, RLC-823S1, RLC-823S2, RLC-823S1W), 1240A, B/D500 (hardware IPC_515B8M5M_V2), B/D800 (hardware IPC_5158M8M_V2), 840WA, 843WA, V500, V800, V1200, CX410, CX410W, CX810, E1 Outdoor PoE, E1 Outdoor Pro, E1 Outdoor S, E1 Outdoor CX, Argus Eco Ultra, Argus Track, Argus PT Ultra, Duo 2 (battery), Duo 2 LTE, Duo 3 PoE, Go Plus, Go Ultra, Go PT Plus, Go PT Ultra, Go Ranger PT, Keen Ranger PT, TrackMix (battery), TrackMix LTE, TrackMix LTE Plus,  TrackMix Wired LTE, TrackMix PoE, TrackMix WiFi.

When the camera detects an animal, it will send you a push notification like "KEEN Ranger PT has detected an animal" via Reolink App.


Currently, supported animals include but are not limited to: cats, dogs, horses, sheep, cattle, bears, deer, badgers, pigs, foxes, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, otters, minks, wolves, bobcats, birds, chickens, geese, etc. Most of the camera models (except Reolink Go Ranger PT ) can only detect them as an animal but cannot recognize the special animal species. Reolink Go Ranger PT, however, can identify three specific animal types: stags, antlerless deer, turkeys.

The detection results are derived from the recognition test of animals in limited video files, but due to factors such as environment and testing, there may be false alarms or missed detection.

Test videos are welcome. Please send them to Reolink Support to help us optimize this function.