Here we will show you how to set up record schedule for some of the battery-powered cameras via Reolink App.

Applies to: Argus 3 Pro, Argus 3 (2K), Argus PT (2K), Argus PT Ultra, Go Plus, Go PT Plus, Go PT Ultra, Reolink Duo, Reolink Duo 4G, Reolink Duo 2, Reolink Duo 2 LTE, Keen Ranger PT, TrackMix (battery), TrackMix LTE.

For some battery-powered cameras which support smart person, vehicle, pet or animal detection, you may follow the steps below to set up the record schedule as you want.

Step 1. Go to Device Setting Camera Recording Schedule page.



Step 2. Enable the detection types you want to choose, there are three types: Person, Vehicle, and Others.

Tap Schedule to set up a schedule when you want the camera to save motion recordings and click Copy To to apply the settings to other days.


Please note that the Detection Type is different for Keen Ranger PT, as it is characterized by detecting animals:


Step 3. Click Save on the top right corner to save your settings.