When placing the order on https://reolink.com/checkout/, if you enter the coupon code and click on Continue to enter the next step, it will generate an order (Order A). At this time, if you go back to Checkout page and click on Continue, the coupon code will be occupied and cannot be used again.



Here are 2 methods for your reference to fix this issue.

Method 1. Waiting for 30 minutes. The previous order (Order A) will be canceled automatically and you may use the coupon code for a new order.

Method 2. If you don't want to wait for 30 minutes, please refer to the below steps:

Step 1. If you didn't log in you Reolink account when placing Order A, please log in it at first. If you have already done that, please go to Step 2 directly. (Please note that the email address for your Reolink account should be the same as the one you entered on the previous billing for Order A)


Step 2. Please go to My order page. (https://reolink.com/my-account/orders/:)




Step 3. If Order A is not in the order list, please click on Find, then you will see this order. After that, please click on View order details to pay for the Order A, or cancel this order and place a new one with the coupon code.