This article will guide you on how to live view dual-lens cameras via Reolink Client in different stream modes.

Applies to: Reolink Duo PoE, Reolink Duo WiFi, Reolink TrackMix WiFi, Reolink TrackMix PoE

Step 1. Connect the camera on Reolink Client.
If you can only see one camera at a time, you may switch to multiple screens. In this way, you will be able to view two cameras at the same time.


If it is still the same after you switch to multiple screens, please click expand.png to display both lenses and drag the second image to the live view page for a try.


Step 2. To switch the live stream mode, please move your mouse to the live view page and right-click the mouse. 


Note: Only when you view one camera in a single screen can you select Clear mode. When viewing cameras in multiple screen, you can only select Standard/Fluent for Reolink Duo cameras and Fluent mode only for Reolink TrackMix cameras.