This article will explain what is Interframe Space and guide you to configure it via Reolink Client.

Applies to: Reolink cameras that support iFrame

For a video, the larger the Interframe Space, the fewer iFrame are used, and finally, the smaller the output animation size and high compression rate, it is good from these aspects, but the large Interframe Space results in poor image quality.
However, if the Interframe Space is too small, although the image quality is improved, the number of iFrames will increase, the final output video size will become larger and the compression rate will be low. To get better video quality, it is important to set a proper value.

Now, you can refer to the following steps to configure Interframe Space Settings for your camera via Reolink Client.

Please launch the camera on Reolink Client and go to Camera Settings > Camera > Stream page to configure Interframe Space.