With the overwrite function, the camera can keep recording new videos to overwrite old ones. Here are camera models that support this function:

1. All the Reolink PoE and WiFi IP cameras coming with the SD card slot have the Overwrite option.

2. As for the Battery-powered cameras, the models which can support smart detection(for example, Argus 3 Pro) also have the Overwrite option for configurations. But the previous cameras like Argus 2, Argus Eco, Argus Pro, Argus PT(2MP), Argus 2E, Reolink GO, and Reolink GO PT are set to overwrite the old files automatically, so there is no such option for these cameras on Reolink software.


For enabling/disabling Overwrite option, please refer to How to Set up the Micro SD Card to Overwrite via Reolink App.