Duo WiFi/PoE

Reolink Duo PoE and Reolink Duo WiFi are dual-lens cameras and support person/vehicle detection. Therefore, Reolink NVRs with the new hardware (Hw_H3MB18, Hw_N3MB01, Hw_N2MB02, Hw_N5MB01, Hw_N6MB01, and Hw_N7MB01) can work with them.

Please make sure there are at least 2 channels available on the NVR since the camera will occupy 2 channels.

Duo 2 WiFi/PoE

Duo 2 WiFi/PoE cameras can work with NVRs with Hw_H3MB18, Hw_N3MB01, Hw_N2MB02, Hw_N5MB01, Hw_N6MB01, and Hw_N7MB01 hardware.

Please note that if your Duo 2 WiFi/PoE works with an NVR with Hw_H3MB18 Hw_N3MB01, and Hw_N2MB02 hardware, you need to upgrade your NVR's firmware to the latest version to view the video, and it can only support max. 6MP video resolution.

The decoding width of Hw_H3MB18 Hw_N3MB01, and Hw_N2MB02 hardware is 4096. Therefore, if you set the mainstream resolution as 4608*1728, the image cannot be displayed on full screen successfully. It is recommended to set the mainstream resolution as 4096*1536.


Duo Floodlight WiFi/PoE

Reolink Duo Floodlight WiFi and Reolink Duo Floodlight PoE's compatibility with Reolink NVR is the same as Duo 2 WiFi/PoE. Please check above for the detailed information.