Local general settings of Reolink Client include many useful features, such as a lock screen, change language, etc. This article will introduce each setting of Reolink Client and guide you to set them up. 

Applies to: All Reolink cameras and NVRs

Step 1. Launch Reolink Client and go to Client Settings General page.



Step 2. Change the settings as you need: 

  • Run at Startup: Enable/Disable it to allow Reolink Client to run when you start your PC.
  • Automatic Client Update: Enable/Disable it to make the client update automatically if we have released the new client version.
  • Add Device Automatically: Enable/Disable it to add devices (excluding battery-powered cameras) that are on the same LAN automatically (used the default account: admin without the password) when you use Reolink Client.
  • Auto Live View: Enable/Disable it to show/not show the camera's live view when Reolink Client opens.
  • Stretch Mode: The live view image will be stretched to the ratio of 16:9 if you enable this option (Applies to the camera with resolutions of 4:3).
  • Hardware Decoding first: Enable hardware decoding if the freezing issue occurs when live viewing in clear mode, and disable it if the Reolink Client turns to a black screen.
  • Scrollview Time: The time for staying in this camera live view when enable scrollview.png to automatically monitor images of different cameras on Reolink Client 
  • Date Format: This is for the calendar date format date_and_time.png in Playback.
  • Alarm Beep: Check/Uncheck it to enable/disable the alarm beep on your PC when the cameras (logged in) detect motions.
  • Lockscreen Password: Set up the password for accessing Reolink Client, and there is no password for Reolink Client logging in by default.
  • Language: It tells the display language on the Client and you can set it as Deutsch/English/Español/français/Italiano/português/Pусский/Suomalai/Svenska/中文(简体)/日本语, etc.
  • Download Path: It's the saving path for the locally downloaded videos. You may click on Browse to change it.
  • Capture Path: It shows the saving path for the images captured in Live View. Click Browse to change it.
  • System Status:  If your camera is having a connection issue, please click the camera to try to connect it first and send a screenshot to our support team to show it.