If your Reolink camera supports the RTSP command, then you may upload a live view of the camera to YouTube referring to the below video and the steps.

Applies to: All Reolink NVRs and IP cameras except for battery-powered cameras and B1200/D1200/B800/D800/B500/D500/B400/D400/E1/ Reolink Lumus. 

Here is a video for your reference:

Steps 1. Set up the camera to connect to the Internet (You may test this point by checking whether the camera could be accessed remotely). 

Step 2. Open the RTSP/RTMP ports for the camera. See: How to Configure Reolink Ports Settings.

Step 3. Build the RTSP/RTMP URL of your IP cameras

The format of the RTSP/RTMP address is as below:
rtsp://<username>:<password>@<IP address>/Preview_<channel number>_<stream type>

rtmp://(ip address)/bcs/channel(channel id)_main.bcs?channel=(channel id)&stream=0&user=(user name)&password=(user password)


1. All Reolink IP cameras (except for battery-powered cameras and B1200/D1200/B800/D800/B500/D500/B400/D400/E1/Reolink Lumus) support RTSP. E1 Pro also supports RTSP, but it does not support RTMP.

2. You may find the IP address of your camera via the Reolink App or Reolink Client while scanning in LAN. Check out How to Find out the IP Address of Cameras/NVR


For example, if your camera or NVR has the following information,
IP address:
username: admin
password: 111111

then the RTSP URL will be:

Main Stream: rtsp://admin:111111@
Sub Stream: rtsp://admin:111111@


The RTMP URL will be:

Main Stream:  rtmp://


Sub Stream:  rtmp://


Step 4. Upload the live view to YouTube referring to this website: https://reolink.com/stream-ip-camera-to-youtube/

If you meet any problems in this process, please contact support for help.



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