Please check the following introduction to learn more about the meaning or function of the buttons on the live view page of PoE NVRs.

Applies to: Reolink PoE NVRs


Note: Single-right clicks on the live view page to pop up the menu bar.


Note: Select the camera and single-left-click on the live view page to pop up the camera toolbar.

Here is the brief introduction for the buttons on the Live View Page of Reolink POE NVR:

The Live View page could be divided into 3 parts:

Status Icon:

  1. HD_4M_16___.jpg: indicates that the camera can record at a 4MP high-definition resolution.
  2. record16___.jpg: shows the camera was recording (including schedule/manual recording).
  3. md16___.jpg: indicates that the NVR is detecting motion coming from this camera.
  4. videoloss_16___.jpg: indicates that the channel displaying this has lost the feed from its camera.
  5. warning_m___.jpg: indicates an alarm warning happens.

Menu Bar:

  1. mainmenu_u___.jpg: opens the main menu.
  2. singlep_u___.jpg: shows images from one camera in full-screen.
  3. four screen icon: divides the screen into four viewing windows, each showing images from one
  4. nextscrn_u___.jpg: cycles the cameras displayed in viewing mode. Only work for 1/4/8 camera
    simultaneous live view mode.
  5. pip_m.jpg: picture-in-picture. Allows you to view two channels at once, with one full screen and the
    other as a small overlay.
  6. polling_uc___.jpg: has 1 or 4 screens display automatically in turn.
  7. manrec_m___.jpg: initiates manual recording (please refer to the next page of the settings).
  8. wizard_u___.jpg: runs the initial startup wizard.

Camera Tool Bar:

  1. _0000_replay_u.jpg: opens the “Search: Playback” menu.
  2. _0024_audio_u.jpg: requires Audio Enabled NVR Audio Output.
  3. _0003_ptz_u.jpg: opens the PTZ control menu (requires for RLC-423).
  4. _0014_digital_zoom_u.jpg: zoom in and out the live view.
  5. _0006_image_setting_u.jpg: shows the Image Settings window for you to change the brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue.
  6. _0020_channel_set_u.jpg: click to enter the channel setting.
  7. _0010_eptz_u.jpg: click to enter the full screen, right-click on the screen or hit ESC on the keyboard to exit the full screen.
  8. _0017_chn_exit_u.jpg: click to close the toolbar.

RLC-410/420/423 will display as below bar.

  1. zoom_u___.jpg: digital Zoom In.
  2. digital_zoom_out.png: digital Zoom Out.
  3. draw_a_box.png: draws a box over an area of the video that you want to zoom in.
  4. restore_zoom_back.png: restore zoom back to the default setting.
  5. exit_digital_zoom.png: exit Digital Zoom mode.

RLC-411/422 will display as below bar:

  1. 410_optical_zoom_in.png: optical Zoom In.
  2. optical_zoom_out.png: optical Zoom Out.
  3. manually_focus_far.png: manually focus far (Only use when AUTO FOCUS has the problem).
  4. manually_focus_near.png: manually focus near (Only use when AUTO FOCUS has the problem).
  5. closes_the_toolbar.png: close the toolbar.