Applies to: All Reolink cameras/NVRs

When adding cameras to your phone app and you get "Add device failed. Please check your phone network and ensure the UID is correct" or "Internet access is required to add device" error message, which means the app can't connect with our server.

It could be caused by the not stable internet or the too crowded server, please troubleshooting here:

Cause 1. The phone can't access the Internet well.


1. Please double check whether the UID is correct and your phone has internet access or not, you can open the browser to check if you could access the Internet.

2. If your phone was connected with your home wifi, please disable the wifi connection and use your mobile cellular connection, and check whether you can access it successfully. If your phone was connected with cellular connection, then please use the wifi connection.

Cause 2. Crowded Server.

Solution: Please login out the phone app and wait a while, then login in and add once again to check whether you can access or try a few more times.

If you tried above and still failed, please provide your camera's UID to our support team for checking. You can refer here to find your UID.