When you added the Reolink camera or NVR to the phone app for live view, you may need to know each button's function, so that you can better control all settings on this camera. This article will introduce them one by one.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras and NVRs


  1. Back to the Devices list page: Click on this icon to go back to the device list page.
  2. Binocular mode: you can view dual lenses camera on one screen
  3. Settings: set up push notifications, email alerts, records, display, etc settings
  4. More Settings: you could set up the Channel Selection, Day and Night mode, Immersive, and Picture-in-picture
  5. Trigger Sound Alarm: you will trigger the sound alarm manually
  6. Spotlight: you can manually turn on the spotlight
  7. Multiple Screen Selection: you can choose one/four/nine/sixteen screens for live view randomly
  8. Play/Stop: you could play/stop live view
  9. Audio: you can enable/disable Audio
  10. Manually Capture the Image: you could manually capture the image and save it to your phone
  11. Manually Recording: you could manually record the video and save it to your phone 
  12. Stream Type: Clear/Fluent/Balance varies from a product model
  13. Full-Screen View: Tape this to view the camera image in full screen