Applies to: Reolink battery-powered cameras 

If your camera fails to be triggered by motion. Please kindly take the camera down to troubleshoot and check if the PIR works properly.

Cause 1. Incorrect Date and Time

Solution: Check the camera's date and time, make sure the date&time is correct. If it's not correct, please go to Set up Date & Time on Reolink App and set camera's date&time.

Cause 2. Improper installation location or angle

Solution: If you have changed the camera angle or installation environment, please check the installation tips to make sure the camera is installed at a proper angle and height. If the camera still failed to be triggered, please refer to the article here.

Cause 3. Improper PIR Settings

Solution: Check and confirm the below settings:

a. Make sure the PIR button is ON.


b. Make sure PIR schedule properly configured


Note: If you've set the PIR properly but it still does not work, you can enable siren to verify. Wave your hand in front of the camera and check if the camera can be triggered. If you can hear alarm then it means your PIR is working properly.