Users usually get confused by the four passwords and don't know which one to enter. Here we'll guide you to tell the difference between the password of the Reolink App, Reolink Client, Reolink account and Reolink cameras.

Applies to: All Reolink NVRs and Cameras

1. Password of Reolink App

When logging in to Reolink App, we'll be asked to enter a password. That's the password for Reolink App.


It will only require the password if you have enabled Password Protection in Reolink App. You may tap on the Local Settings icon > Settings to enter the App Settings page. You can enable/disable App Password in this interface. It will not ask you to enter the password anymore if you disable App Password.


If you forget the App password, refer to: What Should I Do If I Forget Reolink App Protection Password

2. Password of Reolink Client

As for the password for Reolink Client, you also need to configure it by yourself. On Reolink Client, you may click on the gear icon on the top right corner to enter the Local Settings page, then you may tap on General to enable the Lockscreen Password.


Note: If you never created a password for Reolink Client before, please leave the old password as blank and then enter the password you want for Reolink Client.

If you forget the Client password, refer to: What Should I Do if I Forget Reolink Client Password (New Client)

3. Password of Reolink Account

If you want to login on Reolink website or Reolink App to enjoy additional services such as Reolink Cloud Storage, you can register a Reolink account with your email address. While registering the Reolink account, you will be asked to create a password to protect your account. That is the login password of Reolink account. 

If you forget your Reolink account password, refer to: What Should I do if I Forget my Reolink Account Password

Note: Reolink Account can only be logged in on the Reolink mobile App and web page, and the Reolink PC Client does not have this function.

4. Password of Reolink Cameras

The password for the Reolink camera is the one you created when you configured the camera for the 1st time via Reolink App.

After you added the camera successfully to the Reolink App for the 1st time, there is no need to enter the password of the camera anymore when you log back into the app. It will only require the password again if you change the password of the camera, or the camera disconnects from the network for some reason and you can not access it anymore via Reolink App. Usually, it'll ask you to type in the password of the camera to sign in when you try to preview the camera.


The password of the Reolink App, Reolink Client, Reolink account and Reolink cameras are all separate. They are different things. You can also set them all to be the same one for convenience.