This article offers you tips on how to improve the efficiency of solar panels.

Applies to: Reolink solar panels

Reolink solar panel requires direct sunlight exposure. It cannot get power from indirect light such as LED light or moonlight.
Additionally, Reolink solar panels will only take effect by charging the batteries directly. It cannot charge the battery-powered cameras without the batteries inside.

To use the Reolink solar panel effectively, please refer to the following guides.

1. Choose a location that gets plenty of sunlight for your Reolink solar panel. Never select a position in the shadow of trees, buildings, or other obstacles, in case of insufficient sunlight.

2. Mount your Reolink solar panel facing due south (in the northern hemisphere) or due north (in the southern hemisphere) and tilt it to the appropriate angle for your latitude.

3. Clean the surface of the Reolink solar panel with wet tissue or cloth regularly to receive enough sunlight.