Here is a detailed guide on how to connect your WiFi camera to a WiFi network via Reolink Client on Windows. Please scroll down for a step-by-step tutorial.

Applies to: Reolink WiFi cameras, except for battery-powered cameras, E series, and Reolink Lumus.

Step 1. Connect your camera to the LAN port of the router with an Ethernet cable.

Note: make sure the camera is powered on.

Step 2. Launch Reolink Client and log in to your camera.

Step 3. Click the Device Settings button.

Device Settings Button

Step 4. Select Network > WiFi Settings.

WiFi Settings Button under Network

Step 5. Click Scan, and then double-click the SSID of the WiFi that you want to connect to. Input its password and click the Wi-Fi Test. After you see the prompt “Wi-Fi Test Succeed”, click OK to save the settings.


Step 6: Remove the Ethernet cable between the camera and the router and wait for a moment. The camera will connect to the Wi-Fi. 

Done! Now you have successfully configured the wireless settings for your cameras on Reolink Client. If you want to know how to configure WiFi connections on the Mac client or Reolink App, check the details in the following articles: