This article intends to show you how to set a patrol route for your camera via the Reolink App. Once set up, the camera will patrol the preset points at the speed and with the stay time specified by you.

Applies to: RLC-423, RLC-423W, RLC-523WA, RLC-823 Series (RLC-823A, RLC-823A 16X, RLC-823S1, RLC-823S2, RLC-823S1W)

You may refer to the following steps to configure the patrol route for your camera via Reolink App. Please note that you must set up presets for your camera before setting up a patrol route.

Step 1. Launch the Reolink App and enter the live-view page of your camera. Tap the PTZ icon, and then tap the Patrol icon patrol_icon.png on the dashboard.


Step 2. Tap the Add button plus_icon.png on the Patrol setting page, and choose the presets points you've set in advance as the patrol points. Tap Confirm to save the settings. 
For example, the picture below shows a patrol route of "1-2".



  • You can tap the Start Patrolbutton to start the patrol, and tap the Suspend Patrolbutton to suspend it.
  • You can tap on the change preset order icon of the preset points and drag to change the order of the presets. Then the patrol route will also be altered.
  • The same preset can be added to the patrol route repeatedly.
  • You can tap the edit icon edit_icon.png to customize the duration of stay(s) and patrol speed at each preset point.
  • You can also delete the preset point you do not want the camera to patrol by tapping the Trash Can icon.
  • There's a snapshot of the preset point/patrol point for your reference so it will be easier to recognize and manage the point you set.