For the wireless cameras, the WiFi distance in open areas is as below:

WiFi cameras with external antenna &C1 Pro & C2 Pro: 80-90meters

C1: 60-70meters

Reolink Argus Series: 70-80meters

E1 & E1 Pro: 70-80 meters under 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi, 110-120 meters under 5 Ghz Wi-Fi


The WiFi signal can be easily affected by the environment. The actual distance you can get relies on your camera's working environment. The data listed above applies to an environment that is unobstructed and free of interference.
And the key point is the WiFi coverage of the router. If the router cannot reach that far, the connection of the camera could be weak. It's advised to upgrade or relocate your WiFi router if you run into signal issues.