Currently, Reolink Cloud is compatible with various Reolink camera models across different global regions (click Reolink Cloud Availability to learn more).

Changing the cloud plan could bring changes to your payment, storage time, valid cloud storage, etc. The table below is for your reference to learn about the changing of the cloud plan. 

Change Plan Note Effective Time Terms of Cloud Plan Changing
Free plan to the paid plan Select the plan and finish the payment to upgrade

Effective immediately, users can only change the plan once within 7 days;

Deduction: Proportional refund/switch the plan balance

1. Upgrade the plan:

  • If you haven't set the video history manually, or you have set the video history time to 7/30/60 days, the history time will be automatically updated to the new plan's video history time.
  • If you have set the video history time to 1/3/14/21 days, the video history time won't be automatically synchronized to the same as the new plan's video history time, but it will prompt you about this.

2. Cancel plan/plan expired
Cannot upload new videos. The existing videos of the free plan will be gradually deleted according to the video history time you set or the expiration time of the plan; the videos of the paid plan will provide 7 days of buffering. During this period, the expiration of more than 7 days will be expired in 7 days.

3. Downgrade Plan

(1) Recordings will be limited by the lower level plan and the part out of the new plan will be erased.

(2) Demotion from a large number of devices (such as 10 cameras) to a small number of devices (such as a camera) plan, it will automatically unbind the newly added, leaving only the first assigned device.

Paid plan to the free plan Refund automatically
Upgrade plan (monthly paid)

1. If the balance of your current plan cannot pay for 7 days of the new plan, you need to pay for a whole cycle of the new plan, and the new valid time is the whole cycle + the days you paid via the balance.

2. If your balance of the current plan can pay for 7 days or above of the new plan, you may just use the balance to pay for it and needn't be charged externally. Also, you may pay for other X cycles of the new plans. (Confirm the terms and start new plan charging next month)

Upgrade plan (yearly  paid)
 Cancel plan (free) Auto-expiration
 Cancel plan (paid) Refund automatically
Renewal  Operates as purchasing the plan again Take effect after the current plan expired

If you need more information or assistance, please contact Reolink Support.