This article explains what and how long the logout time of battery-powered cameras is.

Applies to: Reolink battery-powered cameras 

Reolink battery-powered cameras will enter standby mode when being previewed for a certain period of time. This setting cannot be changed, for the sake of preventing battery draining.

In Reolink Client, the logout warning will pop up in 5 minutes and the camera will disconnect automatically in 30 seconds if you do not conduct any further demand. For example:


In Reolink App, the logout time is 20 minutes.

And when the network signal is weak, the camera will log out automatically.

Here are some Q&As for your reference.

Q1: Why will it log out?

A1: Continuous live streaming will drain the battery fast. This setting can help save battery life.

Q2: If the camera is kept charged by a power adapter all the time, can it support continuous live streaming?

A2: No. This is a hardware feature and cannot be changed. And it is not suggested to keep the camera plugged in all the time, see Why Do Not Suggest Charging Battery-powered Cameras with Power Adapter for A Long Time.

Q3: Why the logout time is different between Reolink Client and Reolink App?

A3: This is decided by the software mechanism.

Q4: Can the logout time be changed?

A4: No. It cannot be changed.

Q5: In what else condition will the logout warning show up?

A5: When the Internet signal is weak, this warning will also pop up.