The answer is Yes, but the camera's functions are limited.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras except for the battery-powered cameras.

Note: When setting up Reolink WiFi cameras for the first time, please use an Ethernet cable to directly connect your camera to the router and make sure that both your phone and your camera have access to the Internet.

Reolink WiFi cameras can work without WiFi or an Internet connection. However, the camera's functions are limited in this case. See the list below about the availability of each function under different circumstances.

  WiFi connected but no Internet No WiFi/ WiFi disconnected
Local Access on Reolink app (in LAN) Yes No
Remote Access on Reolink app (in WAN) No No
Local Live-view (in LAN) Yes No
Remote Live-view (in WAN) No No
Record to SD card Yes Yes
Local Playback (in LAN) Yes No
Remote Playback (in WAN) No No
Audio Alarm Yes Yes
Push Notification No No
Email Alert No No
Auto Upgrade No No

Note: WiFi connected but no Internet means your camera is connected to the WiFi router but the router has no access to the Internet; No WiFi/WiFi disconnected means your camera is not connected to any WiFi or the WiFi is disconnected.