If you want to use the FTP to save the recordings of the camera, but don't have the FTP server, you can build an FTP server on your pc. Check below for detailed guides.

Applies to: All Reolink POE NVRs and IP cameras except for all Reolink battery-powered cameras, Reolink WiFi NVR system, Reolink E1, Reolink E1 Pro, B400, B800, D800, and Reolink Lumus

You may follow the steps below to build a (Cerberus) FTP server on your PC.

Step 1. Downloading and Installing Cerberus FTP Server

Download the lasted version of Cerberus FTP Server and install it.

You may click How to Setup a File Server with Cerberus FTP Server 

Step 2. Configuring your FTP server

After installing the FTP Service, launch the software and click on“ User Manager” to create a new user.

Please refer to steps here to create a new user.

And here is a short video for your reference.

Step 3. Please add a virtual directory to your account. Check here

Step 4. After the FTP server is built, you may set up the FTP settings on your camera.

See details at: