This article intends to instruct you on how to capture a live JPEG image of Reolink cameras via a web browser.

Applies to: All Reolink IP cameras (B800, B400, D800, D400, Reolink battery-powered cameras, Reolink Lumus, Reolink E1, and Reolink E1 Pro excluded).

Step 1. Enable HTTP or HTTPS port for your camera on the Reolink Client. You can refer to How to Set up Reolink Ports Settings via Reolink Client (New Client).


Step 2. Enter the URL below to get the captured image.  

http://(ip address)/cgi-bin/api.cgi?cmd=Snap&channel=0&rs=(any combination of numbers and letters)&user=(user name)&password=(user password)

For example, if your IP address is, the username is admin and the password is 123456, then the URL should be:

If you use HTTPS, then the URL should be:

You may refresh the website to get a new snapshot of your live image.


If you want to get the JPEG snap of the substream, please add resolution (width and height) at the end of the URL. The link is as below: 



Note: This request only applies to the camera with the hardware version of 51X, not totally proper for the cameras with the hardware version of 523/566, which do not necessarily capture the picture according to the width and height filled in the URL but automatically captures a picture that is closest to the code stream of this model according to the width and height set by the URL. For example, the URL width and height of RLC-511WA are set as 1024*768, but the actual captured picture is 2560*1920 (mainstream), because this model does not have a resolution of 1024*768.