Learn more about how to add and view Reolink cameras on SecuritySpy that will help you with your camera.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras that support ONVIF.

Note: At first, please check the camera’s local IP address and set its profile as Baseline.

Step 1. Launch SecuritySpy on your Mac and choose Preferences to proceed.


Device Page

Address: the IP address of your camera 

ONVIF Port: 8000 (default)

RTSP Port: 554 (default)

Username/Password: the account of your camera 

Format: RTSP TCP (video and audio)

Step 2. Enter the information above on Device page, then click on OK to save the settings.

Step 3. Click Choose Stream to choose a stream type (MainStream and SubStream) for previewing your camera.

Choose Stream Type

Step 3. Choose to preview your camera in Individual camera video windows or All cameras mode.

Individual Camera Video Windows

All Cameras Option

Normally, the Individual camera video windows preview page should be like the page below:

Individual Camera Preview

The All Cameras preview page should be like this picture:

All Cameras Preview

Step 4. If you use a Reolink camera which supports PT, you can right-click the screen and choose Pan/Tilt/Zoom to adjust your camera.

Pan Tilt Zoom Option

Network Camera PTZ