To make the PIR motion sensor work more precisely and reduce its false alerts, you need to install your Reolink battery-powered cameras correctly referring to the following two aspects.

Applies to: Battery-powered cameras.

Viewing Field of Cameras & Detecting Field of PIR Motion Sensors

Tip 1: Install cameras according to their viewing field

1. The viewing angle of Reolink Argus series cameras and Reolink Go is diagonal 130° and horizontal 110° vertical while the one of Reolink Keen is horizontal 355°, vertical 90°. Please make sure that the monitoring area is well within its field of view.


2. The ideal viewing distance is 2-10 meters (7ft — 33ft), within which people will be recognized. To achieve a better viewing experience, it's advised not to place the camera too far away or too high (suggested mounting height: 2-3 meters) from the designated monitoring area.


Ideal Viewing Distance

Tip 2: Install cameras according to the detecting field of the PIR motion sensor

1. The detecting distance of PIR motion sensors is 9 meters, and the detecting angle is 120˚ horizontally. Motions out of this range can’t be detected.

2. Our PIR motion sensor is more sensitive to side-to-side movement than movement heading straight toward the camera.

For example, when a person moves straight toward the camera (shown below), the PIR motion sensor will be less sensitive to the movement.



Note: To make the camera work better, mount it well within the coverage of your wireless network.

Camera Installation Dos & Don’ts

For reducing false alarms, please note that:

  • Do not install the camera facing any objects with bright lights, including sunshine, bright lamp lights, etc.
  • Do not place the camera too close to a place where many vehicles move frequently; 15 meters (55ft) away from the vehicle is the recommended distance based on our numerous tests.
  • Stay away from the outlets, including the air conditioner vents, humidifier outlets, the heat transfer vent of projectors, etc.
  • Do not install the camera facing the mirror.
  • Keep the camera at least 1 meter away from any wireless devices, including Wi-Fi routers and phones to avoid wireless interference.