The waterproof ability of a security camera is rated or classified by “IP rating” (Ingress Protection rating), an international standard used to describe the degree of protection provided against intrusion for electrical equipment.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras.

To be well against intrusion from dirt and moisture, all Reolink outdoor cameras have adopted the “IP66” or“IP65” standard. 

The following texts describe the common IP ratings and their effects on IP cameras.

Common IP ratings:

IP66 – Cameras with IP66 rating standards are designed to be against any solid matter entering the equipment. They are protected from powerful jets of water, which means that a powerful jet from any direction will not cause any damage to the cameras.

IP65 – IP65 rating has the same protection level against dust and dirt as IP66, while its protection is slightly weaker in water resistance, but it can still withstand water and be weatherproof, which means that it would still be suitable for some outdoor use.

IP64 – The resistance to dust of this IP rating is a little weaker, and the equipment may be affected by the dust and dirt from the outside. Cameras with this IP rating are only resistant to splashing water, not jets of water.

The table below shows what each digit or part of the IP rating represents.IP Ratings Digits

Reolink camera models that support waterproofing are:

Waterproof Level Camera Models
IP64 Argus PT
IP65 Argus, Argus 2, Argus 3, Argus Pro, Argus Eco, Reolink Go, Reolink GO PT and Reolink Lumus. 
IP66 B400; B800; D400; D800; RLC-410; RLC-410-5MP; RLC-410S; RLC-411; RLC-411-5MP; RLC-411S; RLC-411S-5MP; RLC-420;RLC-420-5MP; RLC-422-4MP; RLC-422-5MP; RLC-423; RLC-423S; RLC-511; RLC-520; RLC-522; RLC-510A; RLC-520A; RLC-810A; RLC-811A; RLC-820A; RLC-822A; RLC-1210A; RLC-1220A; RLC-511WA; RLC-210W; RLC-410W; RLC-410W-5MP; RLC-410WS; RLC-411WS; RLC-411WS-5MP; RLC-422W; RLC-423WS; RLC-511W;RLC-422W-5MP; RLC-523WA; RLC-823A