Curious about integrating Reolink battery-powered cameras with third-party software? Wondering if they support RTSP or Onvif? This article explores the compatibility of Reolink's battery-powered cameras with third-party applications and their functionality.

Applies to: Reolink battery-powered cameras

Working as a Standalone Camera

When a battery-powered camera is used as a standalone device, due to hardware limitations, it does not support RTSP, RTMP, ONVIF and related communication protocols that third-party software requires. In addition, most third-party software doesn't have the battery management option that allows the camera to enter the power-saving standby mode when no motion is detected, thus they can't work together.

Therefore, it is recommended to access Reolink battery-powered cameras via Reolink software.

Working with Reolink Home Hub Series

As Reolink battery-powered cameras are integrated with the Reolink Home Hub Series, they now support third-party protocols. This enhancement is driven by advancements in technology and Reolink's proactive approach in understanding customer demands.

However, not all battery-powered cameras support integration with the Home Hub. Please read this article for further information and insights: Reolink Home Hub Compatibility

Also, upgrade your Home Hub to the latest firmware on the official website: Download Center – Reolink