If you have no idea to install the vertical bracket for your RLC-423 camera, you can refer to the instructions below. 

Applies to: RLC-423, RLC-823A.

The vertical bracket consists of:

1. Top component;

2. Bottom component;

3. Connector;

4. Screws.

Components of Vertical Bracket

Step 1. Unscrew the screws on the wall bracket and remove it, then remove the three connectors from the PCB board.

Note: Please remember the positions of all these connectors.

Connectors on PBC

Step 2. Assemble the vertical bracket as the picture shows, and then screw those three screws in the holes.

Assemble Bracket

Step 3. Pass the cable through the vertical bracket, then connect the connects back to the PCB board.

Pass the Cable through Vertical Bracket

Step 4. Install the camera on the vertical bracket with some screws, then mount it to the position where you want.

Install Vertical Bracket