Reolink Wi-Fi cameras can be added to Reolink NVRs if they are in the same LAN. Here we'll guide you to finish this process following the steps below.

Applies to: Reolink WiFi cameras except for battery-powered ones.

The diagram would be similar to this:

Connection Diagram

Step 1. Connect the camera to your router via WiFi by configuring WiFi settings for the WiFi camera.

Step 2. Connect your NVR to the LAN port of the router.

Step 3. Add camera to your NVR.

New UI: Open the monitor of your NVR, then select Settings > Channel. Check Auto Add, camera will show up in the IP channel list and in the live view channel. 

ip channel.png

If the error message of the camera is Incorrect accunt name or password, then click Modify to enter the camera's password (Camera's default username is admin).


Old UI: Open the monitor of your NVR, then select Channel Settings > IP channel. Check Auto Add and click Scan. Then the WiFi camera will show up in the list. Assign a channel for it if necessary. If the Status of the camera is Invalid PWD, then you need to right drag the scroll bar to input the correct password of it.

IP Channel Interface

Here are 2 videos of different UI for your reference too: