You will receive email alerts when the camera detects motion events. Here is a detailed guide on how to set up email alerts for your cameras with different forms of attachments via the Reolink App.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras and NVRs.

Here is a video guide on setting up email alerts for your reference:

You can follow the steps below to set up alarm emails on Reolink App.

Step 1. Log in to your device on Reolink App and tap the gear Device Settings Icon icon at the upper right to enter Device Settings.


Step 2. Tap Email Alerts


Step 3. Enable Email Alerts and tap Set Up Now. 


Step 4. Input the address and password of the email that will be used to send out motion alert emails, fill in the sender server info, and tap Save to save the settings.


  • The SMTP Server and Port may vary among different email providers. If you use Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, iCloud, or Zoho, the sender server info will be automatically filled in after you enter the email address. Otherwise, you will need to input the corresponding SMTP Server & Port info manually.
  • The recipient that receives the alert emails will be the same as the sender by default.

Step 5. If you want to add more recipients, go to Email Settings to add more email addresses.


  • SMTP server: If you input Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, the SMTP server and port will be displayed by default. If you input another email address, then please Google on the Internet or log into your email official website to find the corresponding email server and SMTP port.

  • Sender Email: Please enter the corresponding email address according to your email SMTP server. For example, if you choose Gmail as the SMTP server, then the sender's email address is your Gmail address.

  • Password: Please enter the sender’s email address and password. For example, if you choose Gmail as SMTP server, then the password is your Gmail address’ password. To best protect your email account privacy, you may also choose to generate an app password in your email account instead of using your original email password.

  • Recipient Email: Please enter the recipient’s email address. Please note that the recipient's email address can be the same as the sender’s email address or different from the sender’s address of your choice.

  • Email Content: You may choose to attach a picture or video with the motion alert emails or text if you want text notification only (Attaching video is not available for battery-powered cameras without smart detection).


  • Email Interval: Once set, only one motion-alert email will be sent if the alarm is triggered multiple times during the interval time limit. For battery-powered cameras, there are no settings for the email interval.

Step 6. Tap Schedule.


Step 7. Select the detection type(s) and customize a schedule for email notifications.


  • By setting up the Alarm, you will receive email notifications when there is motion detected at certain times.
  • By setting up the Timer, you will receive emails at certain times regularly according to the Email Interval you chose, whether there is motion detected or not.
  • The Detection Type may vary among different models of cameras.
  • Each grid represents one hour.
  • You can select the days to copy the same schedule settings to other days.
  • For battery-powered cameras which support smart detection, there are no timer and email interval settings.
  • The headline of email alerts for each camera model may be slightly different.
  • The headline of email alerts is set by default and cannot be customized.