Follow the steps below to remove the Reolink watermark when you view your camera.

Applies to: All cameras except Argus 2, Argus Pro, WiFi NVR and camera with hardware version IPC_3816M

Via Reolink App

Step 1. Launch Reolink App and log in to your camera.

Step 2. Go to Settings > Display and find the Watermark option.


Step 3. Scroll down the page to find the Watermark, and tap the button to disable it.


Via Reolink Client

Step 1. Launch Reolink Client and log in to your camera. You can see the Reolink watermark on the top left corner of the live-view page. Click the Device Settings gear icon of the camera.


Step 2. Go to the Display page. You will find a Watermark switch. Click the switch (turn it to black) to hide the watermark.