The following videos and steps will guide you on how to enable two-way audio for Reolink cameras via Reolink App.

Applies to: E1, E1 pro, E1 Zoom, E1 Outdoor Series, Reolink Lumus, RLC-511WA, RLC-523WA, RLC-840WA, RLC-843WA, RLC-540A, RLC-811A, RLC-812A, RLC-823 Series, RLC-824A, RLC-81MA, RLC-81PA, RLC-830A, RLC-833A, RLC-843A, RLC-840A, RLC-1240A, RLC-1212A, RLC-1224A, B1200, D1200, FE-P, FE-W, CX410, CX410W, CX810, Reolink Duo series, Reolink TrackMix series, Reolink Video Doorbell series and all Reolink battery-powered cameras.

Note: Please make sure your phone's microphone and speaker can function properly before using the two-way audio of the camera.

For Android app:

For iOS app:

Step 1. Log in to your camera on Reolink App, go to Device Settings > Audio, and enable Record Audio.


Step 2. Return to the camera live view interface. Tap the loudspeakerSpeaker icon to turn on the audio and tap the Talk talk_button.png button to enter the 2-way audio interface. 


Step 3. Tap the microphoneMicrophone button to talk and tap the button again to turn it off.

To exit the 2-way audio page, tap the cross Exit Button icon.


Note: With the latest version of the Android app, you can adjust the Volume and enable the Earphonemceclip1.png to reduce echo on the two-way audio interface.