Applies to: Reolink WiFi NVRs.

You may refer to the following guides to configure the email settings via Reolink WiFi NVR.

Note: Before setting the email, please make sure that your NVR is connected to the Internet.

Step 1. Log in to the WiFi NVR on a monitor and go to Menu -Network -Advanced page, then click on email settings Set button.

Menu Page

Advanced Page

Step 2. Input the Sender and Recipient email information in this page. You can set up three recipient addresses. The sender address is the email that the NVR uses for sending email alarms. You need to input its' account and password here.

Note: The sender and recipient email address can be the same one.

  • Set the SMTP Server according to the email server that you use. The default options are Gmail, Live Mail and Yahoo Mail. If your mail is among these three, you can choose it in the pull-down list. However, if you need to set another mail with a different server than these three, you may search for its SMTP server, then check the Other box to input the new SMTP server.
  • In the Attach Picture section, you can choose:
  1. Disable: the motion detection alarm email will only send words without video or picture;
  2. Attach Picture: the motion detection alarm email will contain a picture of the video;
  3. Attach Video: the motion detection alarm email will contain a video which lasts for 30 seconds.

Note: You can change the interval time of alarm email sending in Interval.

After finishing the steps above, tap on Apply to save the settings, then click Test and a prompt "Email Test Succeed" will pop out. Otherwise, you may need to double check the upper steps to see whether there is anything wrong.