We can help change the order before your order is shipped out. Please contact us within one working day after you place your order. You may follow the steps below to change you order.

Step 1. Applying to change the order

Refer to, How to Change Product in My Order

Contact Support with information listed below:

Order ID:

Details: Change model A to model B


Compared to model A, if model B has:

1. The same price: We will change the order directly

2. Higher price: You will need to pay the difference to Reolink PayPal account and only after the payment is made will we change your order.

3. Lower price: We will change the order directly and refund the difference based on your original order.


Step 2. Waiting for shipment

Refer to, How to change my shipping Address

Once your order is changed successfully, we will start to process your order shipment within 48 working hours.