Payment process on Reolink Official Website: How to Pay My Order


Question 1. Can not find the option “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”

A: Please clear your browser cache and history at first, then retry the payment later.

B: Maybe you could also try with your phone.

C: If you still can not find the option after that, you may contact the support of your local PayPal.

Due to the risk mechanism of PayPal, some countries/regions may not provide this option.


Question 2. Payment failed after filling in the card number and other information.

A: If you fail to pay your order via credit card, please confirm your account balance is sufficient. If so,we would suggest you choose another card to pay it.

B: If you still fail to pay your order with another card, please keep your browser with the latest version. Some older browser versions may have compatibility problems with our payment function.

C: If there is still any problem, you may contact the support of your bank.


Question 3. Getting "Something went wrong. We'll take you back to checkout so you can try again" error.


A: The information you input is incorrect (address, card ID, no balance in your account, card expired, etc).

B: The risk control is triggered. You may click on Try Again, or choose PayPal payment like the below picture to have a try: 



Question 4. The bank refuses to pay during the payment process.

The bank risk is triggered (a common problem during payment), which is caused by the sudden changes in the buyer's behavior. For example, an online user who has been shopping in NY and suddenly spends money in Bangkok, Thailand, then it will trigger risk control easily and cause a chargeback.