YES, Reolink Go Ranger PT supports the FTP server. This article will show you how to set up FTP upload for the device.

Step 1. Log in to your Reolink Go Ranger PT, and go to the Device Settings > FTP page. 


Step 2. Enable the FTP option. Read the reminders carefully and tap Confirm to proceed. 


Step 3. Configure the FTP Settings.

  • Server Address: Enter the IP address of your FTP server. 
  • Server Port: The default FTP port for Reolink products is 21.
  • Anonymous FTP: If you have an anonymous FTP account, you may enable this option and there will be no need to enter the username and password. 
  • Username & Password: Enter the username and password of your FTP account, preferably an admin FTP account.
  • Don't allow plain unencrypted FTP: Once enabled, the camera will communicate via FTPS only. Please make sure that your FTP server can support the FTPS protocol.
  • Remote Directory: Specify the upload directory on your FTP server or leave it blank.
  • Generate subfolder by: Select the format of the generated subfolder: Off / YYY-MM / YYY-MM-DD.
  • Upload: Choose between Video Only / Image Only / Video & Image.
  • Video Resolution: Opt for Clear / Fluent video uploads. 
  • FTP Postpone: Set the record time limit after motion detection (for Video file types only).
  • Overwrite File: Choose the overwrite preference: No / Overwrite Single File (which will only retain the latest file) / Alternately Overwrite Two Files (which will generate temporary files). 
  • Image Resolution: Select Clear/ Fluent image uploads. 


Step 4. Tap Save in the top-right corner to save your configurations. 

Step 5. Tap Test in the top-right corner to see if the FTP upload can work successfully or not. 


Step 6. Go to the Schedule page and configure the upload schedule and detection types as needed. Then Save your configurations.  


By following these steps, you can manually trigger alarms on the camera and check if the files are successfully uploaded to your FTP server.