Are you looking to set up your NVR system without the hassle of cables? Reolink introduces a new WiFi NVR that can enable a wireless connection between your camera and the NVR. This guide will walk you through the process of adding your Reolink IP camera to the WiFi NVR wirelessly. 

Applies to: RLN12W and all Reolink IP cameras (battery-powered cameras excluded). 


1. Before you start, ensure that you’ve connected the NVR to a monitor via HDMI/VGA. 

2. The network ports of the WiFi NVR cannot power on the cameras. Please make sure that the cameras are powered on via a PoE switch/injector (only for PoE cameras) or via a DC 12V power adapter in advance. 


Method 1 (For all plug-in WiFi cameras)

After powering on the camera, connect it to the back of the NVR with an Ethernet cable, then sync the WiFi info of the NVR to the camera via a monitor to build a wireless connection between the camera and the NVR.

Step 1. Power on your camera using the original power adapter.

Step 2. Connect the camera to the network port of the WiFi NVR with an Ethernet cable.


Step 3. Log in to your NVR, and go to Channel > Channel Management.

Step 4. Turn on Auto Add and the camera will be added to NVR automatically. If you have changed the default password (blank) or have insufficient channels for all cameras, auto-add may not work.

  • If you’ve set your password for your camera during initialization, it will show "Incorrect account name or password" on the channel. Click on Modify and enter the password to log in. 


  • If it shows "Connection failed" on the screen, you can try deleting the camera by clicking Delete to delete it and try adding it again.


  • If there are no available channels to add a new camera, you can replace the one that you no longer need by clicking Replace, and choose the new camera, and click Next to add it.



Step 5. Click on the camera shown on the screen and sync the Wi-Fi info to it.



Step 6. Once you see Connection succeeded, click Cancel to exit.


Note: If the Sync Wi-Fi Info page does not appear, go to Network > WiFi to sync WiFi info under Device Connection(s)

Step 7. Remove the Ethernet cable, and the camera will now connect to the NVR via WiFi.


Method 2 (For all PoE & plug-in WiFi cameras)

For standalone PoE & WiFi cameras, you can set them up on your network first then add them to the NVR via the same local network (LAN).

Step 1. Initialize your camera. Refer to: How to Initially Set up Reolink Devices.

Step 2. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the NVR to the same router that your camera is connecting to.

Step 3. Log in to your NVR, and go to Channel > Channel Management.

Step 4. Turn on Auto Add, and all cameras on the same LAN will be automatically added and shown in the list.

Note: Since you have set up the camera and reset the password, you will see "Incorrect account name or password" on the screen.

Step 5. Click Modify, enter the login password of the camera, and click OK, then you can live view it on the NVR.



Note: For a 12-channel NVR, only 12 IP cameras can be added. To replace an existing camera, click Replace. You can assign the IP cameras to any channel you want, but cannot have two cameras on the same channel, otherwise, the configurations will fail to be saved.


Select the camera you want to add to a channel and click Next to add.



For a visual guide, refer to our video on adding the WiFi camera to the new UI NVR via LAN: