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  • Which languages does Reolink App support?

    English, 中文 (Chinese), 中文 (Traditional Chinese), Português (Portuguese), Русский (Russian), Deutsch (German), Italiano (Italian), français (French), Español (Spanish),日本語 (Japanese), Polskie (Polish), Nederlands (Dutch), 한국어 (Korean), Suomalainen (Finn), ไทย (Thai), عربى (Arab), עִברִית (Hebrew), Türk (Turkish), svenska (Swedish), Norsk (Norwegian), Српски (Serbian), čeština (Czech)
    Ελληνικά (Greek).

  • Does Reolink App ask for the protection password when open the app again from background?

    Yes. After you set a protection password for your Reolink App, to better protect your privacy, you are required to enter the password every time you lock the screen or open the app again from the background. You may also want to know How to Set a Protection Password for Reolink App.

  • What recordings can I download directly via Reolink App?

    You could download three types of recordings via Reolink App: recordings stored in micro SD card of the camera, recordings stored in Reolink NVR's HDD and recordings uploaded to Cloud.  

  • Which cameras/NVRs can be added to Reolink App?

    All Reolink cameras and NVRs can be added to Reolink App.

    Please refer to the article here to add a camera to Reolink App:

    How to Add Reolink Camera or NVR to Reolink App

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    Can I use the same Reolink app to view cameras from multiple locations

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  • Can I add 3rd-party cameras/NVRs to Reolink Client/App?

    No. Reolink Client and Reolink App are specially designed for Reolink products and can be downloaded for free on Reolink's official website. However, they might not be compatible with the cameras and NVRs of other brands. 

    Therefore, it's not advised to add 3rd-party cameras or NVRs to Reolink Client/App. You may go to the official website of your device to download the corresponding software, on which the compatibility of your device is ensured.

  • What type of recordings can be played back on Reolink App?

    Videos recorded on the camera's SD card or NVR's HDD support playback on Reolink APP.

  • What are the requirements of the protection password for Reolink App?

    The protection password of the Reolink App must be between 4 characters and 32 characters. It has no restrictions on special characters.

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