If the view field of one single lens can't meet your needs, how about two? Reolink has developed and launched different dual-lens cameras and both of them are distinctive and interesting.

Reolink Duo Series security cameras equipped with two lenses allow you to see a much broader world with less distortion. The left and right lenses, which could be viewed respectively, take everything under surveillance. On the basis of the Duo series, Duo 2 series camera stitched two lenses to provide an almost 180° panorama view.

Reolink TrackMix Series cameras are prefabricated with a telephoto lens and a wide-angle lens, providing a wide-angle view and close-up view synchronously on the same screen. Another dreamy feature is that Trackmix cameras can also automatically track and zoom in on the detected objects.

The resolution of these wide-angle cameras could reach up to 8MP, capturing all the details you need clearly. All these cameras feature smart detection, so they can identify people, vehicles, and pets from other moving objects, and send you alarm notifications in real time.

Have a close look at these cameras.

Reolink Duo Series:

Duo 4G:

Duo 4G is a battery-powered 4G camera with two antennas. It's truly wire-free. It has two lenses which can be viewed and configured separately on Reolink App/Client.

For the appearance and buttons of Duo 4G, please refer to the pictures below:




Duo PoE/Duo 2 PoE:

Duo PoE/Duo 2 PoE are PoE cameras. When installed outside, use a waterproof lid, waterproof tape, junction box, or other waterproof material to better protect your camera.

For the appearance and buttons of Duo PoE/Duo 2 PoE, please refer to the pictures below:




Duo 2 WiFi:

Duo 2 WiFi is a WiFi camera powered by a DC adapter. It supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi. Install the antenna upward or horizontally for a better WiFi connection.

For the appearance and buttons of Duo 2 WiFi, please refer to the pictures below:





Reolink TrackMix Series:

TrackMix WiFi:

TrackMix WiFi is a 2.4&5GHz WiFi camera powered by a DC adapter. It could track an object automatically.

For the appearance and buttons of TrackMix WiFi, please refer to the pictures below:



TrackMix PoE:

TrackMix PoE is an auto-tracking PoE camera. It can pan and tilt to track an object and zoom in on the object at the same time.

For the appearance and buttons of TrackMix PoE, please refer to the pictures below:



With Reolink dual-lens cameras, you can build your home security system including multiple functions:

  • Remote access via Reolink App on phone/Reolink Client on PC: you can monitor your home no matter where you are via Reolink software.
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom (TrackMix cameras): It helps you grab more details, and you can see every part of your home with easy pan and tilt control.
  • Monitor Point (TrackMix cameras): Make the camera return to staring at a certain area automatically after it has panned/tilted.
  • Patrol (TrackMix cameras): set up a path for your camera to cruise automatically.
  • Auto Tracking (TrackMix cameras): follow the person/vehicle/pet automatically and zoom on it at the same time.
  • Spotlight: it could light up the environment as well as deter the intruder.
  • Email alert: You will receive an email alert when motions are detected.
  • Push notification: A push will be sent to your phone to alert you when there are motions detected.
  • Motion detection recording: You can set up the record schedule for the camera, and it will start to record when motion detection is triggered.
  • Playback: You can check the recordings at any time via Reolink software.
  • FTP: For saving and uploading movement images & videos.