If you upgraded the firmware of the camera/NVR to the latest one, but find you like the older firmware more, you can downgrade the firmware by following the guide below.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras and NVRs except battery-powered cameras.

Note: Usually, it's not recommended for you to downgrade the firmware of the camera or NVR since the newer firmware incorporates optimization compared with the older one. If you encounter any problems after upgrading the firmware, you are welcome to consult our support team. They will offer you professional solutions to solve the problem.

If you insist on downgrading the firmware because you prefer some functions or features realized only by the older firmware, or you just like the previous firmware personally, you can refer to the methods below to downgrade the firmware for your camera or NVR.

Step 1. Find the older firmware file (.pak) on your PC or your USB flash drive.

Note: If you don't have the older firmware for your camera/NVR, or if you want to downgrade firmware for your battery-powered cameras, please contact our support team with all the needed information filled.

Step 2. Downgrade the firmware.

The downgrading process is exactly the same as the upgrading EXCEPT FOR downloading and unzipping the latest firmware. Please refer to the below links according to the different platforms you are operating.