Reolink Video Doorbell cameras are designed with new features such as smart person and visitor detection, quick reply, and so on. If you intend to use the doorbell camera with Reolink NVRs, to realize these interesting functions, below are the NVR models suggested.

NVR Model NVR Hardware version NVR Firmware version
RLN8-410 N2MB02/H3MB18 v3.2.0.218_23020153 or later
N3MB01 v3.2.0.218_23020151 or later
N7MB01 v3.2.0.218_23011221 or later
RLN16-410 H3MB18 v3.2.0.218_23020154 or later
N6MB01 v3.2.0.218_23011215 or later
RLN36 N5MB01

v3.2.0.218_23011219 or later

RLN12W All versions

All versions