If you have registered a Reolink Account and you want to log in to your account on Reolink App, the article below will help.

Applies to: All Reolink products.

Step 1. Launch Reolink App. Tap the below icon on the top left corner, then tap Log in.

1._tap_login_icon.jpg 2._tap_log_in.jpg

Step 2. Enter the your account email and password. Then tap Log in.


If you want to log out of your Reolink account on Reolink App, tap the same icon as in Step 1.

Then tap the user name and tap Log out.

4._tap_your_account.jpg    5._tap_log_out.jpg

Note: There will be an option of whether to log out of all devices added to the Reolink App(needs to be upgraded to the latest version). Once selected, all the devices will be logged out and need to be accessed with a login password.

6._log_out_account_and_device.jpg  7._all_device_logged_out.jpg