This article will introduce the two different working modes of the Argus series cameras, as well as the meaning of different status LEDs.

Applies to: Argus series, Reolink Duo(Battey), and Reolink TrackMix.

Part 1. The Different Working Modes and States of the Status LED

There are two working modes of Reolink Battery-powered cameras:

  • Standby Mode: The camera is in power-saving mode; there is no live view or motions detected.
  • Working Mode: The camera is running at full capacity. It enters the working status when someone is accessing the camera via Reolink software or the PIR motion sensor detects a movement.

The status LED of the battery-powered WiFi cameras has two colors: Blue and Red. Blue means the WiFi connection of the camera is successful, while red means the WiFi connection failed.

The table below explains the state of the camera under different combinations of the status LED:

Status Led On (Solid) Blinking
Blue Working Mode with WiFi connection succeeded Standby Mode with WiFi connection succeeded
Red Working Mode with WiFi connection failed Standby Mode with WiFi connection failed

Part 2. The Location of the Status LED For Battery-powered WiFi Cameras

In case you don't know where the status LED is on the camera, we will present you with pictures showing the position. 

  • For Argus PT(5&2.4GHz)/Argus PT 2K:

Argus PT.png

  • For Argus 3 Pro/Argus 3 2K:

Argus 3.png

  • For Argus 2/Argus Pro/Argus 2E:

Argus 2.png

  • For Argus Eco:

Argus Eco.png

  • For Reolink Duo(Battery), it is located between the Daylight sensor and the Mic:


  • For Reolink TrackMix: