If you would like to view both the two images of the dual-lens camera on the Reolink Client at the same time, refer to the below guide.

Applies to: Reolink Duo PoE, Duo WiFi, Duo, Duo 4G, TrackMix PoE, TrackMix WiFi, TrackMix, TrackMix LTE, TrackMix LTE Plus and RLC-81MA.

Note: When you turn on the Auto Tracking for the TrackMix series, the object being tracked will be auto-zoomed and displayed on the image of the telephoto lens.

Step 1. Launch Reolink Client on your PC, log in to your camera and enter the Live View page of your camera. Click the screen-splitting icon in the bottom right corner. Then click the two-screen option. You can choose upper-and-bottom mode or left-and-right mode.


Step 2. Click the arrow beside the camera name to unfold the two lenses of the camera. Drag the second one to the bottom screen. Then you can view the image of two lenses at the same time.


Notes: For TrackMix series cameras and RLC-81MA, the upper one is the wide-angle image and the bottom is the telephoto image. For the Reolink Duo series, the upper is the image of the left lens and the bottom is the right one.